Tuesday, April 19

Short end of the stick

How long have I been this short? (To answer my own rhetorical question, I'd say since I stopped growing around age 13.)

My shortcomings, however, are not the point. The point is this: Yesterday I wore my lucky Red Sox outfit (hat, lucky panties, actual red socks) and I went to the game, so clearly I got some mojo working for my boys. Tonight, however, I did not pull my weight as a fan, and Arroyo got completely screwed out of a win. He pitched great! I love that skinny bastard, and f-ing Embree gives up a two-run shot?! Then Foulke chokes again? What the hell, people. I'm going to have to keep my lucky outfit on heavy rotation at this rate.

(And someone's Tek-love may also have to be maintained.)

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