Monday, April 18

When the world is puddle-wonderful

I find it hard to write when I'm happy, or just enjoying life, because I'm not complaining. I'm much more comfortable complaining. What does that say about me? Who cares. I just had one of the world's best weekends, which explains what may be my longest internet hiatus since I started this blog.

Saturday was perfect weather for walking to Sorella's for brunch and taking a trip out to Wellesley to enjoy my beautiful campus. And when you find someone you can spend an entire day talking with, well, fuck. What's better than that?

Sunday I went to see Ira Glass at the beautiful Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket, R.I. (I just like any excuse to say "Woonsocket." I don't know why.) The man is smart and funny, and he said some really interesting things about how to create a narrative (and a fascinating one at that). All in all, just a lovely evening of thinking.

And then today, well, today may have been the most glorious day of all. Due to my increasingly wonderful friendship with Jamie and Katie, I went to the Sox game. My boys! The Sox beat Toronto 12-7, Manny hit two home runs, and we had great seats up on the roof. I could see everything! And then Katie and I watched the marathon go by for awhile before we dragged our sorry asses home.

Seriously, if I had caught a foul ball at the game, it would have been The Perfect Weekend, and I could have died happily.

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