Friday, April 15

Who says I like right angles?

I like to think I'm a fairly self-aware person. I mean, I keep a blog, for chrissakes. But thinking/knowing something about yourself in the privacy of your own psyche is a lot different from hearing someone else say it out loud. You think you're okay, even comfortable, with who you are, but when you see yourself through someone else's eyes, it can be something of a rude awakening. And you begin to doubt that you do, in fact, know yourself. Maybe you're not actually the person you thought you were. Or maybe you are, and you just don't present that person to the world. And all in all, you're still the same, but how you perceive yourself, how you accept yourself, has come into question.

And then you think, "Fuck it. The unexamined life is worth living, and whatever else may be true about me, I fucking rock."

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