Friday, April 29

You better think

Driving into work today, I had the unpleasant experience of two state troopers inhabiting my highway. This makes everyone drive much slower and makes me paranoid for miles. I hate that shit, yo. But I did the smart thing and switched lanes so they could take the fast lane (despite their annoyingly non-fast pace). I then got stuck behind some stupid truck, so I had switch to the right lane and then back over to get around his dumb ass. At this point, I drew even with the second police car. Even, mind you -- not ahead, and not even near the first police cruiser. So, I think I'm golden, and I'm grooving to my tunes, when I notice that the police officer beside me keeps pulling up a little bit ahead of me then dropping back, like he's trying to get my attention. Oh, fuck, I think, I've got a busted tail light or something. I look over at the officer, and he points to his head, like fucking Pedro on the mound when he's threatening to bean someone. Since we weren't playing baseball and I then saw the officer mouth "think," I realized he thought I was doing something asinine. Which I wasn't! I know when I'm driving like an idiot, and it is certainly not when there are two state troopers within plain view.

I then dropped back because I had just been admonished for doing nothing wrong. As I continued on my way, I got more and more pissed. So, to Mr. Smarty-Pants Rhode Island State Trooper: Fuck you. I know how to drive, and I know how to think, and I don't need you telling me what to do and when.

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