Friday, May 20

I printed my name on the back of a leaf

I'm not obsessed, I swear, but I did really enjoy running around the lake after work yesterday. It was so freakin' beautiful, and there is something to be said for the brain-clearing effects of exercise. It's not that I don't think while I'm running (though it is mostly thoughts like, "Please god, let me die now" and "Don'tfalldon'tfalldon'tfall"), it's that your thinking is so ... detached. You can't get emotional about things because you have to focus your energy on important things, like forcing air into your lungs and not collapsing in a heap of misery.

The 5K is looking more likely, as it's 2.something miles around the lake, and I didn't have too much trouble with that. Also, Jen and I are going shopping for proper shoes tomorrow, and I'm ridiculously excited. Pictures to follow, I'm sure.

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