Thursday, May 19

You are dancing in my crossfire

The final nail has been put in my dork coffin: Today, had you been in the Needham McDonald's, you would have seen me happily munching on fries, reading the latest Technology Review, and making fucking notes in the margins. My life is sad, people. Really and truly sad.

But read Lawrence Lessig's article on the ownership of ideas anyway. He makes some really interesting points, though I'm an even bigger editor-dork for noting that his lead-in was for crap -- to draw the reader in, the end of his article should have been at the beginning. Bygones. He talks a lot about the idea of "remixing" -- taking bits of other people's work and combining them in new ways -- and how it's being threatened by some of the new digital-rights management technology: "The freedom to remix is a freedom to ridicule or respect. Fairness is not the measure. Freedom is."

Go read it yourself. It's good stuff. I'd recommend the rebuttal piece, as well, but my margin notes indicate that that lead is so bad I couldn't even read the whole thing. (I'm going to keep trying. I'll keep you updated.)

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