Thursday, June 30

Time keeps on slipping

My boss discovered an old clock whilst cleaning out her office this morning and asked if I wanted it. (Somehow, she knew about my thing for Roman numerals on clock faces.) I put a battery in it to determine whether or not it actually worked, and lo! It does. It's been steadily tick-tocking away all day now, and it's beginning to drive me a little insane. This is why digital clocks were invented: We can't stand to actually hear time marching past. Or, at least, I can't. That sound has given my day a weird sense of urgency, a little extra reminding that I need to do more. More. More. More.

It's also a super-strange accompaniment to #1 Zero, which is my new favorite Audioslave. And, much like Audioslave of the past, I have no idea what "I will keep you in the corner of my eye" means or why he's going to be the bird in her straw, but I'm going with it.

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