Friday, July 22

Damn right, it's better than yours

For some reason, I've been on a milk shake kick this summer. (Milk shake, frappe, Fribble, whatever you want to call a milk/ice cream/syrup combo.) Specifically, chocolate milk shakes. I've been quite happy with the McDonald's shake (most frequently acquired in Newton), and I tried a Burger King shake up at the Pheasant Lane mall, and it was damn tasty. (For fast food purposes, let's just all agree that Wendy's Frosty is uncategorizable but nonetheless good times.) I'm also a huge fan of the Friendly's Fribble and would say that's my go-to. Well, last night, Jen and I head to JP Licks because it's hot and it's close and it's damn good ice cream. So, I assume that damn good ice cream will translate to damn good shake. But I was wrong. Oh, so, very wrong.

I order an extra-thick chocolate frappe. (Note: extra thick.) It was like chocolate milk. Seriously, I could have gone to the Store 24 and bought a Nestle Quick and it would have tasted exactly the same. I was, as you can imagine, extremely upset. (More so because I'd just spent $6 for chocolate fucking milk.) I've now made it my mission to go throughout the countryside, sampling chocolate shakes as I go, and determining where it is, and isn't, safe to partake of them. I do this for you, people.

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