Saturday, July 23

Abnormal psychology

I went to a friend's house for a cook-out today ... and stayed pretty much the whole day. I'm beginning to think me + outdoors + fire = danger, as this is the second consecutive BBQ where I have gotten a wee bit tipsy. Now, this time at least, the drunkening of JenGarrett was a planned affair -- last week when I got drunk, my friends thought it was funny. And this week, they wanted to see it again. So who was I to argue? Margaritas and burgers are guaranteed good times, as is JenGarrett on a little too much liquor. But what I want to know is this: Does everyone talk about sex when they're drunk? Because that's all my friends and I can talk about. Graphically. And occasionally, loudly. Just want to make sure this is the norm before I go checking myself into Betty Ford.

Also, does everyone else come home a little snookered and think, "Fuck, I really need to blog now"?

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