Tuesday, July 12

Dream job

Leigh asked me what my dream job was, and I've decided it is, in fact, bitching about the Red Sox.

Bitching about the Red Sox, you ask? Hell, yes. (I mean, if staying home, watching TV, and eating fro yo isn't a job.) Bitching about the Sox is what I do best. Well, occasionally the Patriots. But mostly the Sox. Like Bill Simmons. Except I would add things like "Powerful Man Thighs needs to lay the smack down and captain up." Or "Bronson needs to go back to the cornrows or something, because his mojo is off." But I don't want to have to write anything down or form sentences with structure and shit. I just want someone to record my insane rantings. And give me the sweet, sweet cash.

Yeah, I'm not holding my breath or anything.

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