Tuesday, July 26

I stopped somewhere just shy of "nyah-nyah-na"

You may not have noticed, but I kind of have a little thing about being right. Mostly because I always am, but bygones. I was talking about a movie with a friend this morning, and it's not even a movie I've seen, yet I knew that it starred Matt Dillion, not Ralph Macchio. Despite a stern warning not to argue with me about movies, the friend maintained that it was Ralph, dammit. Well, as IMDB and I are close personal friends, I went straight there to find the answer. Of course, I was right, and I proceeded to mock my friend heartily with a "I'm right, you're wrong, and you should be used to this by now." And then, just for a moment, I felt bad. Mean, even. And then I got over it and reveled in the glory of Being Right.

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