Thursday, July 28

You had time

I forgot to blog yesterday. Well, I didn't really forget, as whilst I was walking to my bedroom after the disappointing loss by the Liberty, I said, "Fuck, I forgot to blog," and, as it was only 10ish, I could have hopped online and made some shit up. I didn't though. Losing a close game always depresses me, and even though the Sox had prevailed earlier (after a very nice effort by Wake to go deep into the game), I felt sulky. In fact, I felt like that all day. Petulant. Cranky. And it wasn't just the heat. Maybe it was my little sister talking about changing her name. Maybe it was my friend talking about retirement. (God, are we really that old? And why don't I have more money?) Maybe I'm just restless. Maybe I just need a vacation.

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