Sunday, July 24


Today was my first run for over a week and half -- between my sister's wedding and the heat, I was on a mini-break. It felt good to be running again; my body missed it (though after the first 30 minutes, my body decided it didn't miss it that much after all). My appreciation for running -- for exercise of any kind, really -- is freaking a lot of my friends out. It's hard to explain, as I can't really say that I like running, it's just ... there. I like being outside and alone with my thoughts. (Yeah, because what I need to do is think some more.) I've even come to appreciate sweating. Kind of.

Yesterday at the cook-out, I saw someone I hadn't seen in a few years, and she didn't know who I was at first. She was nonplussed when she realized who I was and said, "You're just ... unrecognizable." That's how it feels sometimes to me, too.

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