Friday, August 26

I don't feel any older

Yet another day has gone by, my friends, and that means it's day four of 100 days, 100 blogs, which means that I'm going to meander my ass over to another fine new site: The Swashbookler.

You may be thinking I picked this site because I'm a total book nerd who reads George Eliot for fun. Or maybe I picked it because we all know how much I love the Facts of Life, and I respect anyone who knows the details of Lisa Whelchel's sordid life. But, fuck man, I just liked the title. Though I almost ditched this site for writing, "Never trust someone from Boston." We're totally trustworthy! As long as you're not from New York. Then you better run, and you better hide, because we are going to do whatever is necessary to bring you and all your kind down. (Unless you're a Mets fan, and then maybe you're okay. Maybe.)

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