Friday, August 26

Pudding and pie

Leigh and I were browsing at Borders this afternoon, and I noticed that the second season of the O.C. was out. Leigh, tragically, has never watched the O.C. I admitted that it was your average teen-drama trash, but I love Adam Brody, "because you know how I like funny, goofy guys." To which Leigh replied, "Yeah, but I don't know if these guys are, you know, tough enough for you." I was all, "What? They don't have to be all hardened and shit, they just can't be pussies." To which she said, "See, that's my point. I'm afraid you'll call him a pussy, and then he'll cry."

That's right, folks. Leigh's afraid I'm going to make the boys cry. Reason #812 why I'm single.

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