Sunday, August 7

No, no, tell me what you really think

For most of my life, I've considered myself a shy person. I think this was actually true when I was younger, but at some point, when I wasn't looking, it changed. Not many people who know me now will accuse me of holding back (unless we're talking about emotional intimacy in a relationship, but I don't think we are, do you?). I'm known as being somewhat blunt, but I consider it a good trait. I'm reading Marie Claire tonight (shut up, I got it for free), and there is an article on actually telling the truth, straight up. No matter how direct I am, I don't usually come right out with things in a social situation: No, no, it's not out of my way to pick you up. Sure, I want to do X. No, you're not bothering me, you incredibly loud and obnoxious fuck.

I think running may actually be removing whatever small amount of tact I had left. While running around the pond this afternoon, I finally had enough of the idiots that walk, bike, run, and other wise fuck with my shit. First, it was the group of four women who decided that they could, in fact, take up the entire path, despite the fact that it was heavily trafficked and they were blocking everyone. Then, I come upon a pair of bikers who are pulled over to one side of the path, so I start to run on the other side. Then they decide to start moving again and cut back across to where I now am. At which point, I just have to say, "Pick a fucking side already." I didn't even bring up the fact that they weren't on the fucking bike path, so I think they go off lucky.

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