Saturday, August 6

Rockin' the suburbs

I went to see the Odd Men Out concert at the Pavilion last night, and it was so fucking good. I haven't been to a concert in ages (because I'm old), but I clearly need to go more often. Ben Lee opened, and I will be buying a CD. He sounded kind of like Bob Dylan, and I think we all know how I feel about Bob. Also, he was funny, and I totally dig that in a man. I was really there to see Ben Folds rock it out, and I was not disappointed. He claimed to be sick, but you couldn't tell from his performance. He had a stool to sit on at the piano, but I don't know why. He never sat down. (At one point, he may have thrown the stool at the piano, so maybe that's why it was there.) He played Bitches Ain't Shit, but, you know, in a sad and melancholy way. It was hysterical. Almost as funny as the discovery that, nowadays, kids hold up their lit cell-phone screens instead of lighters. I almost died. More importantly, he played my two favorite songs (Gone and Landed), and I got to hang out with the friend who introduced me to Ben in the first place.

Rufus Wainwright ended the evening, and all I can say is, dude is pretty. I have mixed feelings about his music -- mainly, it just made me sleepy, but that may have been because it was the end of the night. And, like I said, I'm old.

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