Friday, September 2

And now for something completely different

Well, it's another blog, so I guess it's not all that different: It's Raining Noodles! But it's also written by a teenager in Singapore, so hah! I told you I was going to broaden my horizons. And I went halfway around the world to do it (without leaving my chair).

Here's where she got me though: She refuses to regret. Do you know how long it took me to come to that decision? She's wiser than her years, people: "I think having regrets makes life tragic; it's just awful, really, to feel like you could have done all those things instead and could have been happier. So now before I make decisions I'll ask myself just one question: Would it make me happier eventually if I did this? And I refuse to regret." Also, she cracked me up with this one: "I shall seek out whoever told me that crazy people thought themselves sane, and I shall brutally stab him/her to death with my metaphorical blunt tuning spoon." Not that I ever talk to myself and have that exact same conversation, no.

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