Saturday, September 3

Officially speaking

The WNBA playoffs are well in hand, so I went to see my first-ever playoff game: Game 2 of the first-round match-up between Detroit and Connecticut last night. (I'm not a huge Sun fan, so I really went just to see Detroit lose.) It was a great game on the Sun's home court, and despite Pam rooting for the Tweet, the Sun won, 75-67. Lindsay Whalen had a monster of a game: 27 points, 4 boards, 3 assists, 2 steals.

But my favorite moment of the night had to be when Nolan was "defending" Whalen: Lindsay was dribbling with her back to Tweety, and the Tweet just wraps her arms around her like she's bear-hugging her (or trying to deliberately foul). My jaw dropped when the ref called a "jump ball." The crowd went crazy, and despite the fact that the Sun enjoyed a decent lead at that point, I just lost it. A jump ball? You have to be joking! For the rest of the game, my friends and I started outlining what are, apparently, the new rules in the WNBA. Hug = jump ball, hack = steal. It was one of the worst officiating calls I have ever seen, and I watch a lot of women's basketball, people. I'm going to let it go, and enjoy the fact that the Sun killed the Shock, and the Fever eliminated the Liberty. Good times.

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