Thursday, September 15

Any two points can make a line

While some may believe that the "longest distance between two points is made longer by having an annoying American journeying with you," I'm glad that y'all are on this voyage through the blogosphere with me. Otherwise, I would be lonely and have no one to mock, and that would be wrong. Today, I bring you Ramblings of the Fatman, fresh from Australia.

I could give you a variety of reasons why I picked this blog today (perhaps because I ate too much cake?), but it's really because of this post: "I honestly think people who embrace spirituality need to counterbalance their meditation time with alcohol, women, cigars and poker." And I'm am right there with him, except for the cigars part. Also, he said "boobies." Okay, and he describes his life straight-up and with a solid dash of humor, which I support wholeheartedly. And I hope the chicas stop stalking him, though it's damn funny to the rest of us: "It has seriously been a police lineup of lost loves, Aphrodite's macabre sense of humour being drenched on the Fatman in these last fourteen days. If revenge, like oysters or gazpacho soup, is a dish best served cold then this fortnight ... er ... still f-cking sucks."

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