Wednesday, September 14

Ye old bait and switch

Today's blog is Open Switch. Okay, who had day 23 as my first Christian ministry blog in the betting pool? What? Nobody? Hah! Told y'all I was broadening my horizons. You people never listen.

Besides, Ben isn't all about the ministry; he watches TNG like the rest of us geeks. (And who didn't love Wesley Crusher? Okay, a lot of people didn't. But I don't like those people.) There are also the requisite cute baby pictures and comments on various ministry styles: "When a pastor wears old cowboy boots with his nice three piece suit, I just can't pay attention to what he's saying." Um, me neither. Oh, yeah, and he helps people: "All I really did was listen and ask questions. There's not a whole lot I can do or say that will make these people feel any better about losing everything they own." Sometimes, listening is the most important thing you can do, because people need to tell their stories. And it's a privilege to hear them.

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