Saturday, September 17

Cry havoc

Today's blog is T-Shirt Wars. Why? Because why the fuck not, you crazy bitches. (Okay, I just played two rounds of Scene It, the TV edition, and I've been talking trash all night. Yeah, that's right, Jeremy, I kicked your ass. Twice. And Leigh, I took pity on you and let you into the winner's circle!)

Really, I just have to link to this blog for sheer fucking originality. Also, how much time do you have to have on your hands before you create an exhaustive sets of rules? And a blog? And a graph? (Okay, I am kind of cheap for graphs.) Also, based on the sheer number and variety of t-shirts I own (I think y'all know what I'm talking about), I feel I could be a real player in this game. If I, you know, lived anywhere in the vicinity and actually knew these people. Bygones.

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