Friday, September 16

Spoon fed

Today's blog is Egg in Spoon. Again, I think it's clear that I'm a sucker for a good title. I'm also pretty cheap for those that manage to both make me laugh like an idiot and feel like I'm totally there at the same time. But mostly the laughing. What was she doing exactly? "'I'm sitting on my couch watching TV and eating sliced salami,' I told her. Because that was what I was doing. Because that's the sort of thing I do when other plans have been thwarted and I feel too demoralized by the thwarting to do anything else productive with my day." I do that even when I haven't been thwarted. It's okay, Jill. There's no need to rationalize. However, can we talk about the Jake thing? Because I don't think that's a good idea. Having the same first name and last name (essentially) only leaves you open for unrelenting mocking. Much like being my friend. Bygones. I hear you, and I, too, am just interested in competing.

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