Sunday, September 11

Very superstitious

My boys did not like my choosing a Yankees fan as the blog of the day. Did. Not. Like. It. At. All. And thusly, today's blog is from amongst the Fenway Faithful: Touching All the Bases. (Sounds dirty, doesn't it?) Look, it was either a Sox blog or I had to go back to the lucky pigtails. And I think those would be hard to explain at work.

Besides, this is no drooling idiot fanboy (though I like those, too); Chad is clearly an intelligent man with well thought-out opinions and commentary on the boys. Plus, did I mention he's a Sox fan? And, as important as it is to love the boys, it's equally important to know who to hate, including, but not limited to: "Jason Giambi, swollen tick, Yankees: If his redemption is legit, then it's a great story. But the two homers he hit off Pedro in Game 7 in 2003 were not legit. And for that I won't forgive him." Dude, a Yankee never deserves forgiveness. Never. Chad also talks about my other boys, the mighty Patriots.

Okay, now that we've spread the Sox love, who's hitting the first homer in Toronto?

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