Saturday, September 10

The one where she finally loses her mind

Today's blog is Memoirs of a New York Denizen. See how broad-minded I'm being? I'm picking a New Yorker, for chrissakes. And a Yankees fan. Am I just taking this opportunity to rub his nose in the Sox victory today? With Schilling on the mound? Maybe.

Or maybe I just like the fact that he mocks grammar ineptitude. And that he knows that any day is a better day with liquor: "What this commercial teaches me is that, according to Captain Morgan, life would be better if I was tanked by noon. Well thanks, Captain, but I don't need a commercial to learn that." Yeah, me neither. He also recognizes the value in a life soundtrack. Man, I really need an iPod. Bygones. The truth is, the dude likes Barq's Red Creme Soda. So, I know, at heart, he's not evil. You give me 20 minutes, a dark alley, and a case of Barq's, and he will come out a Red Sox fan. Trust me.

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