Saturday, October 22

60 blogs on the wall

Make that 61: Facetiously Me starts us on the final 40 of our journey through 100 blogs in 100 days. Yeah, I know, it's seems like just yesterday that we were on numero uno.

Back to the blog at hand: It's the perfect blend of moody and sarcastic musings on life from the eyes of an American girl. She loves the rain: "Sunshine shouts while rain tells secrets. Both are friends, but one bursts with energy, grabs your hand and runs in circles, while the other makes you lie still and puts a finger to your lips because he already knows what you're going to say." And she just turned 21: "I can look at myself in the mirror and -- shift around a little, this angle and that -- not wish anything changed." Dig around in the old archives a bit and read more for yourself.

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