Friday, October 21

I am Iron Man

Well, not really, but if you read the title with scary Ozzy Osbourne voice, then that would be cool. If you're wondering what Ozzy has to do with the price of weenies, well, I'll tell you: Today's blog is IronMo Returns. Because we like crazy bitches who think that doing an Ironman is a good time. Hell, if I could swim (at all), run 26.2 miles (I can barely finish a 10K), and then bike a fucking long way, I'd think it was a good idea, too.

Mo did the Ironman thing in 2004, then took off a year: "A year's sabbatical from Ironman is complete. I learned to knit, ran the NYC marathon, killed an orchid, read 20+ novels, rode my bike around Lake Tahoe, moved into my own apartment, quit my job and found a new one, cheered for Lance in France, drank my way across the Slovenian countryside, watched too much TV, and reconnected with all my friends. I'm bored, a little soft, and generally out of shape. There's still no cure for cancer. Bring it on." Because cancer sucks, people. And if pushing your body to the limits will get people to give money to a good cause, then I say go for it.

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