Tuesday, October 18

Slice of life

Do you people think it's easy blogging all the time? Do you think writing about the trivial minutiae of one's life just flows onto the page like ... like a really good metaphor would fit right here? No. Blogging is hard work. I want to serve you a slice of life, but instead I'm giving you a Slice of Pink. Because, dammit, I like pink. There. I admitted it. (And this after I was called "the closest thing to a man" without being one tonight. And I tried to take it as a compliment, and not a "Damn, Garrett, you look like a linebacker" moment.) Now, where was I? Right. Pink.

As we all know, women can't leave the house without doing their hair (even though I always do). Why? Because they could run into students or worse, hairdressers, whilst out in the wide world. But it doesn't matter that she was seen by all manner of people with undone hair, because girl is a master at Scrabble. (I suck at Scrabble. I grovel at her feet.) Also, she recognizes the importance of having a favorite pen and writing about it on one's blog: "I am fully aware that nobody wants to hear the story of a pen because pens are very boring and unimportant, but I am going to tell you the story of the pen anyway because ... everything else I write about is boring and trivial so why try and get all significant and important now."

I promise I will never try to get all significant and important, people. I do this for you.

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