Thursday, November 24

Things to be thankful for

I'm thankful Jen sucked me into running like an idiot, because it's the only thing that's going to keep me from gaining 800 pounds this weekend. I'm thankful for wee nephews and way-too-old nieces, beautiful sisters, friends, and ridiculous amounts of food, including but not limited to mashed potatoes and pie. Did I mention pie? But tonight, I'm most thankful for my fat pants. You are glorious and all that is forgiving in pantswear. It is you who make the extra whipped cream followed by a glass of eggnog possible. Oh, fat pants, I sing to you.

Ahem. Also, in honor of today's day o' eating, I give you: Will Type for Food. Sure, they're Australian, so they don't celebrate the whole "yeah! colonization" thing, but still. They celebrate the slight emotions, like "Sunday listlessness" or "Bemused contemplation of future lust." Also, they are direct and to the point whilst being slightly abusive. So my favorite thing. Well, after making fun of famous poets and their wonderful yet ridiculous poetry.

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