Friday, November 25

To infinity and beyond

Today's blog is The Boiled Egg of Infinity. First off, the title alone gets him honorable mention, but he gets bonus points for cracking me up repeatedly. (You're right, I haven't done many serious blogs. Well, 100% serious blogs, anyway. I guess I don't really relate to people who don't know how to take the world with a big, fat grain of salt and a side of laughter.)

Despite the whole chronological nature of blogging, he still can't keep track of time: "When the hell did it get so late in the year? You would think having a blog would help with the whole 'keeping track of time' thing, but apparently not: I'm as hopelessly lost and ill-organised as ever, only now I have documentary evidence to show people." It's important to have proof of your own ineptitude; otherwise they don't believe you. And I just really liked his adventures with wax, because I've tried to do the same thing and met with about equal success.

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