Monday, December 5

In retrospect

Whilst reading Jill today, I came across this post encouraging us to think of the things we accomplished in the last year. And I say it's never too early for a year in review, especially as I've been a little, ah, upset about certain impending events.

2005 in sum:
1. I taught my nephew how to make snow angels.
2. I got paid to write about blogging.
3. I started dating. Then I stopped. Then I started again.
4. I went to Florida for the first time.
5. I ran a 5K.
6. I saw my oldest friend for the first time in nine years.
7. I was a bridesmaid. And a damn pretty one.
8. I ran a 10K.
9. I went to the island for the first time.
10. I read 100 blogs in 100 days. And I didn't skip a single damn day.

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