Tuesday, December 6

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In the holiday season, I find it's best to turn one's thoughts away from one's self and one's impending decrepitude. Instead, I like to focus on other people's lives, as their misery is so much more satisfying than my own. Especially when they are fictional people. That's the only reason I can give for my recent fascination with Everwood. Ephram is so tortured! I love that in a man. That's also why I love ER. Or Grey's Anatomy. Or Nip/Tuck, which I had to watch through my t-shirt tonight. I don't know why I watch these high medical dramas; blood in real life doesn't bother me so much, but that gruesome shit they show is enough to make a girl try to view life though 100% cotton. Sure, it'd be simpler to just not watch, but I can't look away. Just like I can't not blog.

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