Monday, December 12

It had to happen sooner or later

There were things I planned to do before 30 and things that I didn't really think that I ever needed to experience. Like having a hangover. (Thanks, guys, for helping me check that one off.) And like locking my keys in the car, which I managed all by myself this morning. I parked in the garage at work, put the keys in my purse, grabbed my stuff, and headed out of the car. Oh, but wait, why don't I grab the scraper and knock off some of the ice that's on my car. Now's a good time, right? I'll just put my purse down on the seat here, and brush, brush ... click. Fuck.

Door locked. Purse inside. With keys. And cell phone. And AAA card. Fuckity fuck fuck. I am a moron. I am an idiot. Maybe if I just pull on the door really hard it will open? No. I am too stupid to live. Luckily, campus police is located in the parking garage, so I head over there, all tentative like, and ask the student worker if the Po can help me? She makes a few inquiries, calls Motor Pool, and says, "A student has locked herself out of her car." And then, then it was almost worth it. She didn't say "a moronic old lady has locked herself out of her car," she said a student. I may be old, and I may be dumb, but at least I don't look old.

And, on a side note, I love Motor Pool.

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