Sunday, December 11

It's not my birthday

Yesterday, I was awoken with a strange phone call. I didn't recognize the number, but I answered it anyway. "Happy birthday!" the mystery woman said. "It's not my birthday," I replied in my best "why the hell did you wake me up to say happy birthday when it's not my birthday and I don't even know you" voice. Then I went back to sleep, only to stumble out of bed at one for the BC game on NESN. The Eagles were slaughtering Quinnipiac, as expected, so I didn't mind skipping out early to see a movie with Jen and Pam.

Walk the Line was fabulous. Reese was not annoying, and Joaquin Phoenix was stunning, as usual. And I can't explain it, but that scar on his lip is so hot. Jen and I decided that "Look's like you've got a hitch in your giddyup" is our new favorite phrase, and fuck Johnny Cash for ruining marriage proposals the world over. Who can compete with a proposal in the middle of a duet on stage in Canada? Who? It doesn't matter that I can't sing, the bar has been set, people.

After the movie, Jen and I wanted to go out drinking, and it's so not hard to talk Pam into going to Olé, so off we went. Once at the restaurant, they seat us in the back room, which I didn't even know that they had, and as we walk in ... yeah, you guys may have seen this one coming, but I didn't: All my friends were there waiting for a little birthday dinner. And no, it wasn't my birthday. (And FYI, my surprised look also doubles as my disgusted/pissed look, apparently. Look, I can't go around customizing facial expressions for you people.) It was so sweet, and I was totally surprised. No. Fucking. Clue. Despite the fact that it was one of my friends who had called me to wish me a happy birthday. Luckily for her, I'm very slow in the morning.

Much drinking ensued (margaritas all around!), and eating of yummy food, and mockery of me. In sum: Good times. Then we went back to my friend's place, and had more liquor, accompanied by "It's not my birthday" cupcakes and presents. I love presents. And my fucking fabulous friends.

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