Thursday, January 19

Et tu, Quicksilver?

Dear Mac G4 formerly known as my rock, my love, and my everything,
You suck. How could you? You know I don't back up regularly. It takes too long and I hate burning CDs and I always get confused about which files are new and need to be backed up and which are old and I can leave to moulder for all eternity. I count on you to be there for me, every day, and is that too much to ask? I think not. I update your virus protection regularly; I don't do stupid things like switch you off with my foot; I pet you and love you and call you George.

So why, why would you do that to me? You start making weird gurgling noises, and I shut you down. Restart and you hang at the pretty gray Mac screen? Fine. I'll shut you down hardcore and then ... then the question folder?!? To me? I've loved you all your life! I gave you pretty desktops! I gave you company for when I was gone at night! I gave you lots of cool tunes to listen to! How could you, baby, how could you?

HanSu is coming in the morning, and he may be able to salvage things, but it will never be the same between us. Never.

Formerly yours,

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