Wednesday, January 18

Running between the raindrops

The rain stopped long enough for me to fit in a run tonight, which was good because I'd been looking forward to it all week (ever since they predicted a mid-week warm spell). Sad that I'm looking forward to running, isn't it? Yes, well, it's all I have right now, people. Bygones. That's not the point: The point is, I ran my new route, which brings me home via Centre Street in JP. I cross Centre at a light, which is niftily activated by my pushing the "walk" button. The last two times I tried this oh, so courteous pedestrian maneuver, I almost got killed. Both times. Because they ran the red light. Didn't slow down. Didn't pause. Nothing. Just full steam ahead, let's kill Jen, like she's not pissed enough after running around for 40 minutes.

But tonight, for the very first time, the cars actually stopped at the red light. It was miraculous. Or an early indicator of the apocalypse, as I was then promptly pelted with hail.

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