Sunday, February 26

How low can you go?

I may have mentioned before how much I freaking love bowling, but I think it bears repeating, especially as today is Leigh's birthday and I spent the better part of the evening eating, drinking, and bowling -- merrily, of course. We had dinner at Boston Beer Works and then retired to Jillians for the aforementioned bowling. (If you're wondering how many times I can write "bowling" in one post, you'll be pleased to note that I am going for the record.) There is no end to the delight I take in talking smack while bowling a few frames -- and it doesn't bother me that I suck, and I am no one to talk. I mean sure, I get wicked low in my bowler's crouch, but my high score of the night was 90. That's right, I said 90. At one point, I admonished Jeremy not to be such a "little bitch," but he bounced back nicely by the evening's end (the four consecutive strikes he threw in the last frames may have helped).

I think I may have had a point when I started this post, but I've since lost it. The questions I'm left with are these: Why don't I bowl more often? And if I did, would I actually get better? Or would I just talk even more trash and eventually end up falling on my ass when I throw low?

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