Saturday, February 25

Ode on a Mountain Dew

Yesterday, I was explaining the joys of Jim's Big Ego to my student worker (she's young, so she doesn't know). I made her listen to Stress, which is just ... perfect, if you don't already know that. (Sand fleas? Sand fleas!) But then I had to describe what really won me over to Jim and his musical stylings: a cover of Feelin' Groovy. In its original format, Feelin' Groovy is pretty mellow and chill -- but Jim amps it up a little, and at one point shouts, "Doin' the Dew -- and feeling groovy!" (You may need to actually hear it to appreciate it. Or you may need a serious, as-yet-to-be-treated addiction to Mountain Dew. One of those two.) That's not the point; the point is this: I lamented to Erica that Jim was as close as I'd come to anyone rhapsodizing about the Dew. Modern poets just don't seem inspired to immortalize a soda. Erica said it was up to me to do the Dew justice, so here goes:

Thou still unravished bride of yellowness...

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