Monday, March 6

Much obliged

Apparently, there is some sort of blogger code that says we must post about the Oscars. I didn't know about this, but I'll post anyway because anything else I would have to say goes something like this: Austin! Fuck, I don't think the Airborne is working. Work! Holy shit, everything needs to be done in the next three days. Texas! In three days! Fuck, I think I may be getting sick. Austin!

So, in order to fulfill my blogatory obligations, I will say this: Eh. Meh. Jon Stewart, I will still have your babies, because you were funny until you stopped making jokes about half-way through. Brokeback wasn't "robbed" necessarily, but I thought it was a better movie overall. Joaquin, I will have still have your babies as well, because even though you looked a little pissed and puffy (rehab?), you are still the hottest thing on two legs. Except for George Clooney, who is hot and smart and funny. Damn, I owe a lot of men some babies. Bygones. Why did all the women wear ugly dresses in that nude/cream/non-color color? Anyone? And why did Naomi Watts still show up for the ceremony after she had been attacked by wolves? Brave girl.

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