Saturday, April 1

Discretion is the better part of gambling

I went to Foxwoods with some friends last night. Sure, I've been to a casino in Connecticut before, but was it Foxwoods? No.

The evening was a great excuse to drink freely, chill with the girls, and wear my new red boots. (Yes, I was hot. No, I did not take a picture. Use your imagination.) I have deemed them my "gambling boots," and boy, did I put them to good use. I gambled and lost on two quarters and nickel. Luck, people, was not a lady to me. Also, slots are weird. Bygones. What I really enjoyed was watching my friends lose money, because they risked slightly more than me. And they tried their hands at blackjack and roulette, which was pretty fucking cool. One friend did win $30.25 at the slots, at which point we decided the night was over. Well, except for the celebratory ice cream.

The secret to gambling, people? Don't bet more than you can lose. I'm still kind of upset about that second quarter.

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