Sunday, April 2

Star struck

I went to the WBCA Night of All-Stars yesterday, after a gloriously long lunch with the girls and their boys and a brief, weird stop at Hoop City where I walked right by Cynthia Cooper. Coop! No one else knew why I was excited, but that's because the world is lame. That lameness was righted once I made it to Northeastern for the basketball double-header. It was my world then, where everyone knew who I meant when I gasped and said, "That's Kristy Curry!" Of course, that was just the beginning of my pointing and gasping, as eventually Pam and I not only saw but stopped and took pictures of Lindsey Whalen, Shanna Zolman, Pat Summit, Kara Lawson, and more. I played photographer for Pam and got shots of her with both Alana Beard (her cute new haircut threw everyone off, and I was the lone one saying, "Alana Beard! That is Alana Beard!") and Candace Parker. Parker was like a freaking rock star there -- she was stopped wherever she went for photos and autographs, and damn if she wasn't sweet and accommodating to everyone. Also, holy hell, but that girl is tall.

The high school game was only mildly of interest, and mainly what I came away with is, fuck! Charles signed with f-ing UConn. The college game was a more legit all-star game, high-scoring and fun. Zolman won the three-point shooting contest, and all players made a case for their place in the draft. All in all, a great set-up for tonight's Final Four games.

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