Saturday, July 15

This is my town

I spent most of yesterday giving Melanie the walking tour of JP. We hit all the high spots: the pond, Bella Luna, the Southwest Corridor Park, my old sketchy apartment. Today, we're going to the arboretum (I can't believe I forgot it yesterday, but I blame its proximity to my current home). I tried to show her all the reasons I loved JP -- it's fun to walk around, and when you are done, there are tons of places to eat. That said, we skipped town for dinner so we could hit Bertucci's. (What? I wanted the rolls.)

We got home in time for a late-night viewing of Grosse Pointe Blank, which Melanie had never seen before. (Hey, Jenny Slater. Hey, Jenny Slater. Hey, Jenny Slater.) As I went to bed, I realized I hadn't touched the internets all day long. Yeah, freaked me right the fuck out, too. Don't worry; I'm back already.

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