Saturday, August 19

Colors of the world

Today, I helped Melanie paint her new apartment. I'd like to say it's because I'm just that kind of friend, but really, it's because I like to paint. And since my taste in paint colors runs from white to antique white, I got to live vicariously through her choices (a lovely blue and a sandstone). Whilst purchasing the aforementioned paint, I was drawn to the bright greens and the cool peaches, the dark reds and deep purples. I wanted all these color schemes in my house -- you the know, the theoretical house with the wrap-around porch and the impeccably decorated interior. I wanted these colors, but I knew in the end, I would just go back to the antique white with the bright white trim. Maybe it's because I'm just conservative that way. Maybe I'm just too practical. Maybe I don't trust my own taste. Maybe I'm afraid of too much color, the commitment it implies. Maybe I'm just chicken.

Maybe the paint fumes got to my head and I'm overthinking things.

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