Sunday, August 20

Never trust Tommy Lee Jones, but always trust your instincts

I was playing Scene It? Sports Edition tonight, and I was partnered with Jeremy, lover of all things sports but most particularly football and Syracuse. I wasn't a total liability, but unless the questions focused around pop culture or the Red Sox, I wasn't of much use. Luckily, one of our first questions was about a sports movie. Who played Ty Cobb in the controversial movie biography of his life? I said, "I want to say Tommy Lee Jones, but that doesn't seem right." After much debate with myself and absolutely no help from Jeremy, I went with Barry Pepper. (That was 61*, you idiot!) The answer was, of course, Tommy Lee Jones. Goddammit! I have to learn to trust my instincts, people. Luckily, I had a chance to redeem myself with a racing question in which my first random guess was Mario Andretti. We went with that, and I was right again. And then we went on to win the game. Triumph!

The lesson: Always trust your first instincts. And play sports trivia with Jeremy as your partner.

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