Tuesday, August 22

Q & A

Q: How about them Sox?
A: Sweet mother of Christ, aren't they pretty? I know you're all thinking, Wait, didn't they just hoover up a five-game series to the mother-fucking Yankees? Why yes, yes, they did. They stunk up the joint like day-old fish at Haymarket. I mean, this was no ordinary sweep, no minor three-game loss to the Kansas City fucking Royals, no. This was the Yankees. The Evil Empire. The Enemy. And sure, we sucked it. Hard. But it's all a set up, see? We're just lulling them into a false state of complacency, just like in '04. All we need now is to trade Youkilis and Lowell to Baltimore for Kevin Millar, and we're rolling, people! Rolling! Straight to the World Series!

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