Monday, August 21

Random play

Sometimes, I am struck with the most random urges. Take Friday, for instance: I had to watch the Gilmore Girls. Had to. I didn't care what it took or how much it might cost, I needed to get my hands on those DVDs. Luckily, Melanie has season two, so I just borrowed hers. Crisis averted. Yesterday, my sister called with a question about the Pirate Movie, a little-known gem from the early '80s that I swear my sisters and I must have watched 812 times. Now, I must watch it. I. Must. Watch. It. Luckily, Netflix has it, so all will be well. As soon as they fucking mail it, already!

Today, I am overcome by the urge to answer questions in a fake interview. I don't know why, I just want to. I'm sick of coming up with shit to write about. Why don't I just answer questions that don't apply to my life? I'm going to hunt down some random Q&A with some random person and just answer it my damn self. (Unless y'all have questions you want answered? No? Didn't think so.)

Sometimes, I just can't be explained, people. Even to myself.

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