Thursday, September 14

Go, go, go

Work has been kind of crazy of late, as I am pushing through two weeks' worth of work in one week's time so that I can fly away tomorrow for a week of relaxation and revelry. (Yes! I'm getting another vacation! This makes up for not getting any last year.) In addition to that stress, Jen and I are being shown the door, so we are on the hunt for a new home for ourselves and the Sam (he doesn't really care where we live, as long as there are treats to eat and couches to shed on). So, on top of all that madness, you know what I didn't need? I didn't need iTunes rejecting my Alison Krauss CD. Goddammit, can't you tell that I'm trying to get every possible combination of songs on my iPod before I leave? What if I absolutely have to listen to Song for Life while I'm away? Huh? What then, iTunes? What then? Okay, I'll forgive you. If only because I can now play Tetris on my iPod, and I'm looking forward to pissing everyone off around me by swearing vehemently at the screen all throughout the six-hour flight.

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