Friday, September 15

It's a right I defend

The time has come to admit it: I'm a Barbra Streisand fan. There. I said it. I can't help it; I was raised to be one. I was listening to Color Me Barbra in the womb, people! And at this point in my life, listening to Streisand is almost nostalgic. Comforting. Plus, I still know all the words even when I don't think I know the words. And it's not just her music, oh, no. It's the movies, too. The Way We Were. A Star is Born. Even Yentl.

I had to admit the truth of the situation when I was creating a "Best of Babs" playlist for my iPod -- I didn't want to go on vacation without her. My life is sad, people. Sad. (And why don't I own Butterfly? I'm pretty sure it's my favorite.)

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