Friday, October 20

Apparently, America does start here

So, I moseyed into Dunkin' Donuts today because I have been beaten down by the relentless campaign for their new French toast twists. They look good! So full of cinnamon and fat, what more could a girl want? And, apparently, they have been popular, because the first time I tried to score a twist, they were sold out. I was all, "Sold out?" and the DD man was all, "Sold. Out." I was extremely bummed. Bygones. Today, as I ventured into my local DD, I crossed a woman coming out who was very agitated. Surely they can't be out of French toast twists again? No. Oh, no. She made a beeline for the poor man who was sweeping the sidewalk/parking lot. "Do you need me to move my new car?" she asked. "I'm getting very concerned." Seriously, people, she was very concerned. Apparently, brooms can do major damage to new cars. I continue in to order my twists, and the entire time she is in line behind me, she is staring out the window at her new car and making little "hmph" noises. I almost died.

Am I missing something? Does sweeping pavement cause major damage to new cars? Is this something I should be on the lookout for my baby Saturn? God forbid my car get dust damage.

Oh, and the French toast twists? Pretty yummy. More maple than I was expecting (sort of like they added the syrup for you), but still tasty.

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