Saturday, October 21

Matt and Leo and Jack, oh my!

I went to see the Departed with Leigh and Jeremy today, because, hell, who doesn't want to see Leo and Matt and Mark and Jacky boy? Also, it's set in Boston, and you know I'm all over that shit. The crew did a credible job with the accents, but Jack Nicholson went in and out like a flickering light bulb, and he didn't act like some tough guy named Costello -- he was still big Jack. I was most impressed with Leo, as I haven't really liked him as an actor since What's Eating Gilbert Grape. (Actually, I take that back. I liked the Aviator.) The first half of the movie was quick-moving and taut, but the ending was bloated. What's wrong with directors that they don't know when to end a fucking movie? It should have ended 20 minutes before it finally cut to black. Also, Marty? Enough with the blowing people's brains out. We get it. The world is violent. Thanks.

All in all, a pretty good movie that had the potential to be great, but didn't quite make it there.

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